Landing Page Project :)

Hi, I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked on making this project… so there is no much fancy stuff there. Anyways, I would appreciate any suggestion on what could be improved. Thanks to all who review it. :slight_smile:

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It’s nice to see that the Codepen tester, did not show any bias against your Carrot Love.
The world is progressing.

I can offer you some creative advice if you want it.

If you could load it into a codepen, It will be helpful for others who want to give you advice.

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:laughing: :rofl:
I would really appreciate that. Thank you!

It will take me a little while. The bottom half looks really good. The width of the video, and differentiating it from the page with the orange background was a good design choice.

The images at the bottom are strong.

I’ll get back to you, when I have finished looking at it.

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Why omit it’s dark side:


According to the accounts of his students, Socrates was executed by poisoning with a notorious member of the carrot family: poison hemlock. Similarly, water hemlock, a fairly common native plant in Minnesota, is deadly poisonous if consumed."

Source: Some random internet article
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Thats awesome! I will add it to the website when I get some time for it hahaha. Thanks!

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No, don’t it was a joke… There is Enough Darkness in the world.

You would have to add a
M.urdering Carrots category:
Price: $ Free of charge, on a First come first serve Basis…

Overall, this is very nice. Just a few quick notes.

You have the following CSS set on the Get More Info button:

outline: none;

You don’t want to do this. Or if you do, then you need to replace it with some other type of focus indicator for the button. People who use a keyboard or assistive technology that emulates a keyboard need to be able to see where the focus is. Removing the outline removes the focus indicator. I agree, the default focus indicator provided by the browser is ugly. So customize the outline property for the button so it looks good on your page. And if you really want to minimize its , it is possible to only have the focus indicator show when someone is actually using a keyboard and hide it for mouse/touch users.

You’ve jumped from <h1> to <h3> headings. While this is not technically an accessibility failure it is considered a violation of best practices. Headings should only jump one level at a time. So turn all of those <h3>s into <h2>s and you’ll make people who are listening to your page much happier.

The carrot images need to have alt text. If you consider these images to be merely decorations (in other words, they are not vital to the page and don’t provide any additional information) then you can set the alt text to an empty string (alt=""). But if you feel they do provide some important information then you need to describe that information in the alt text. Personally, I think the jumbo carrot image could go either way but the last two images probably need some good descriptive alt text because they are very interesting images to say the least :slight_smile:

While the title attribute is usually discouraged as far as accessibility is concerned, one of the few times you actually do need to use it is with <iframe>s. So add a title attribute and put the title of the video in it.

Bro, you killed it. Super fun, shows a bit of your personality, made me laugh. It is more than code and that’s dope. Ps: loving carrots were my favorite.

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