Landing Page Review

Hello guys, can you give me some feedback on my landing page?

Here’s my link.


This won’t be of much value as a review, I didn’t read the code very carefully yet but it looks amazing, and the hover effect using opacity+transform is excellent.

Seems you use very well some image editing software, that’s a bonus too.

You should probably learn a bit of js to do a nicer menu bar. But you will in due time.

Keep on.

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I really liked those transform effects!!!. It’s a great landing page. Could you please review mine. It doesn’t have animations, but i’m planning to add more stuff to it. here’s mine: Landing Page - WebCademy

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Wow. Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Actually I have a plan to study Javascript. But before that, I’ll create the portfolio first. Then I’ll study that javascript. Your feedback is super appreciated!

Wow. Your Landing Page is super neat and beautiful. The only thing I noticed was that I couldn’t see the letter Y when I was in the mobile view. But generally super nice.

Thanks friend, i didn’t realized that could happen, i’ll fix that later.

No problem. You’re so good. :+1:

I saw the code step by step and I do not have much to say, it is a fairly clean and tidy work. But I am just beginning in this world, we will see what the most knowledgeable say.
If you have time look at my landing page and do a review.
Happy coding !!

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Thanks for your good feedback. Honestly, I’m just a beginner too. You can give me the link of what you did and I will try to review it.

I understand that you are a beginner like me, but in comparison to me your code looks much more ordered. I start by saying “I am going to create variables, I am not going to repeat the code, I am going to do this and that …”, in more than 400 lines of code nothing happened as planned xD.
I put the link below.
Happy coding !!

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Your website is beautiful, it is responsive when it comes to mobile view, but I just don’t know when it is desktop. I like the carousel, I haven’t done that yet. One of the things I noticed in your code was the input type=submit, the works even without a closing tag. If you want to check your html, just put your code here so you can know what the errors.

I didn’t see that mistake, I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t know about the page you mention, I’m going to start using it.
Thank you very much for your review. Now to improve!