Landing Page - Sagrantino Cellar

Work in progress. It’s responsive up to about 1066px wide :slight_smile: After that… well I haven’t worked on that part yet, hence work in progress. Need to add hamburger menu, adjust layout for mobile. Any feedback, ideas, changes are appreciated. Here goes:

Sagrantino Cellar

Finally finished. Added mobile responsiveness. Fixed minor issues here and there. Let me know what you think :wink:

Great job. On fb link use a tag with href and on mobile use tel: and on email mailto: after email. Congrats.

first problem is this, i can’t click the navigation

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What browser is that?? I guess it doesn’t matter. What resolution are you on?

i am using google chrome

Ah, absolute position uses bottom property. Thanks for spotting that, I’ll add it to my list of things I need to fix. :+1:

Finished product Sagrantino Cellar. Any feedback greatly appreciated :metal:

What is the effect called when the image comes up from behind the white background then disappears again as you continue scrolling?

Just interested to read about it.

Is this meant to happen when shortening the width of the page? Wasn’t sure. It still looks good though.

Page looks really good too.

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The effect is called parallax -

Stretching background for bottles is odd. Changing the circle’s width property to max-width seems to have fixed that. Thanks for noticing.

Looks very good, simple, consistent and clean, good work :slight_smile:

There are 3 things I’d change:

  1. There’s a bit too much space between the end of 1st section and the picture of the first beer. Try making it consistent with the amount of white space you have at the bottom (between Sauvignon Blanc picture and the end of this section)
  2. as you keep scrolling towards this part of the page, there’s this white bar at the bottom that keeps moving along with the page. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels really off.
  3. There’s not enough contrast between the “About Us” text and the purple background. I also would experiment to see if it wouldn’t look better if there wasn’t “About Us” heading at all. The 2 heading that are already there (The Start of the Journey, The Family Farms) might be just enough, test it out though.

Also, responsiveness:

  1. The hamburger menu doesn’t work on narrow devices (I believe it’s under the header picture)
  2. There is a bit of a left/right alignment issue with text, especially in beer descriptions. Justifying text makes it look way better.