Landing Pg - issues with sticky nav + background img

Hi all,

So technically I don’t have much further to go to fulfill the codepen test. I just need to add some media queries and I should pass it. However, personally I would like a nice looking site. Right now it’s bare bones and I’m having :

My sticky nav works with the code I have as is as long as I deactivate the header background image section in my css. If I activate my background image the sticky nav no longer works.

Here’s my code:

Any help would be appreciated. Please be kind, still learning!

The parallax effect looks nice,but follow a color scheme or using some light colors which are not harsh on the eye,some fancy hoverings,hovering effects make a site more beautiful.Hope this helps

Thanks, yea it’s super rough still. The sticky nav not being sticky when I activate the background image is strange…hoping to fix it soon! Lmk if you have any insight on that :slight_smile:

TIL that using filter (and transform) on parent breaks child positioning :nerd_face:

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whoa…that’s strange. Thanks so very much!!! I’ll have to figure out another way to add that filter :slight_smile: