Language maker help

Hi! I want to make an app in python to make a language in my friends group but i dont know how… im not good at programming but i want to be something like d=h k=c i=w if you know what i want to say. ( sorry my bad english)

So do you just want to replace letters? That’s not that hard.
You need a dict containing the transformations for each letter and then either look if there is a string-method to replace letters according to a dict - or just write a for-loop going through the string and creating a new one by appending one letter at a time according to the dict.

Right, it sounds like you are talking about a substitution cypher. If all you want is to prevent people from reading it but don’t care if someone could decode it, then something like a ROT13.

For greater security, you could easily do a keyed cipher and you and your friends all agree to a password.

If you google “python ROT13”, I’m sure you will find examples. If you want to try to code it, give it a shot and if you run into trouble, come back and ask.

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