Laptop and computer problem

I have a computer and a laptop.
My computer has a quad-core 3.4ghz CPU, and a lower end graphics card(lower-end when compared to my laptop).
My laptop has a better graphics card, but a lower-end CPU (1.19 GHz, it usually runs at 3ghz+).
Which one should I use for coding, and which one should I use for watching videos, and tutorials?
I know it is a personal preference, but I’ll use whatever you think is better.
Thanks for answering

try each one for a while, use the one you feel works better


what do you say, I’ll use that.

Hey @gururajankappa!
It is up to you.
You know which you prefer to use. Do like what @ilenia said.

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If your aren’t moving, use your desktop.

If you are moving, or want to move around, use the laptop.

Desktops usually provide more performance then laptops, but laptops have the advantage of being mobile. This situation seems to be no different.

If you have the desk space use both, where you primarily work on your desktop but use your laptop as a “secondary” system/screen to look stuff up and what not. Again desktops usually provide more performance.

Graphics cards don’t really matter at all for programming as its primarily a CPU intensive task due to most tooling you use requiring mostly CPU and RAM. If you have enough ram for all your tooling it all points down to how good your CPU is at computing all the code and running the tools. The only exception to this is if your doing some heavy 3D tasks which may require rendering power, but unless your building a game or game engine you probably don’t need much GPU power.


Ok I got it, so it is personal preference