Laptop problems

I bought a laptop but my browser and my laptop screen keeps on blacking out and the people who sold me on Lenovo Concept Store Festival Mall & PC Express didn’t fix the problem. Is it the laptop or an OS problem? Coz Im not getting a good resolution from their CS people

I’m not an expert but, it might be an issue with the display.
You can claim the warranty to get it fixed.
Also check if the PC is overheating or making any weird noise.
A good way to check if its the issue with your laptop or OS is to connect it to an external display using your HDMI port. If the visuals looks fine on the external display then your laptop display might be damaged and if the visuals look bad on the external display as bad as it looks on your laptop display then it might be an issue with your OS.

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Fixed? If its display maybe i can get a replacement

My laptop has been reformatted by the store I bought it but I still experience the blackout browser and screen. They don’t seem to want to replace it with a new laptop. Idk whats the problem and how to fix it i thought it can be fix with reformat so what to do now if thats the case is it as good as trash?

Does it just randomly happen while you are using the PC?

This might be a stupid question but just to get it out of the way. Your monitor isn’t just turning off to save power right? Windows comes with some pretty aggressive power saving for the monitor (15 minutes of idle time).

Have you updated the display driver from the vendor, I wouldn’t rely on Windows updates for the display drivers.

Check the Event Viewer after it happens and look for any errors log under System and Application.

Does the light come on? if so it maybe the question of screen. if not, then it may be an internal hardware problem.
In addition, pctechtest site has some good laptop recommendations.