Laptop stickers

Hey there,

I noticed that FCC created some stickers in the past but I can’t seem to find them in the store. Does anyone know where I can get a set? My laptop is in need of some additional decoration :slight_smile:



There’s a FCC store??

Hm wonder if there is a thread to show off the stickered laptops lol. (mine has a few)


I’ve personally never understood why people use laptop stickers as I think they look pretty bad, but I’m more a minimalist I guess

I’d be interested in seeing what kind of awesome/awful laptop sticker collections people have though, heh

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I never understood laptop stickers as well until recently when I started using my laptop in more public area’s. They are a great way to communicate what kind of user you are, which tools you are using and what your general mindset is. They are a great conversation opener and are therefor very useful for making new connections.

I have a few stickers but even those have gotten me some conversations that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

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As far as I know, there is only one FCC store, The freeCodeCamp Shop.

You can access it here:
freeCodeCamp Shop

Currently the only items it has are 4 different clothing products.

I’m not sure if the items ever used to differ or not.


Ooooh I would love a fCC logo plushie to put on my desk. That’d be neat!

And laptop stickers…those too.


Thanks. I think I saw this once before and it was pretty minimalist then too. I’d definitely get the freecodecamp T-shirt but in their trademark green!


I know! The shop should get some more diversity!


I’m happy to send you my spare one.