Laravel GraphQL Playground Not Showing Up

I am following a tutorial from freecodecamp How to Build a GraphQL API Using Laravel and am trying to develop a laravel graphql API using rebing but when I go to localhost/graphiql, I get a 404 error and my docker server does not tell me what is the issue. I have this configured in my graphql.php file

  'graphiql' => [
        'prefix' => '/graphiql',
        'controller' => \Rebing\GraphQL\GraphQLController::class . '@graphiql',
        'middleware' => [],
        'view' => 'graphql::graphiql',
        'display' => env('ENABLE_GRAPHIQL', true),

I am not sure what is causing the issue, the tutorial is 2 years old but how can I fix this issue? I can link to my repo on github if you need that.

Anyone able to build this API recently?

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