Last 2 Projects - Personal Portfolio + Technical Page

Hi, this are my last 2 projects. Any feedback its apreciated!

Personal Portfolio:

Technical Page

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Your pages look good @arganarazalvaro. Things I see are minor.
tech doc

  • Consider running your code through the W3C validator. Read the warnings. It’s not something you need to correct but it’s something you should be aware of when setting up pages semantically.
  • “Click here” is a 1990’s thing. Think about accessability when creating links.


  • Adding a transition when hovering over your projects will give a little flair

Is good to see another another argentinian doing so good around, the projects look very good, the only thing i would change is in the portfolio when you try in a small viewport, the “lets work together” links are too space out, just some margins fixes to do.