Last day to send a message to defend net neutrality? Can you send a message?

Without net neutrality sites like FCC can become very slow or expensive. Today is the last day to send a message to Pai, chairman of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). You can use this link

This is about all of us, I’m not an American but I feel involved and this is why:

Dear Madam, dear Sir,
A young man in Syria has just enlisted in CS50 an introduction to computer science, offered by Harvard University. He cannot go to school because he lives in a war zone. But he can and has started his future career.(the link belongs to a private group but you can contact David J. Malan for more info on him) This course is one of many, offered by edX, an MIT initiative that offers free university courses to everybody on the planet. If I were an American, I would be SO PROUD to be the country that invented the internet, made a global community possible and offers opportunities to everyone, irrespective of sex, race, color or religion. SO PROUD.
Personally I would like to express my deepest gratitude for being offered such wonderful course material, for the many free forums where I can ask for help, for the sites with cat movies and bubblegum blowing teenagers, for all the business opportunities that the net has created, for little people and big companies.
Please don’t destroy this. Your country has made friends all over the world and to us net neutrality is important too, as is the USA.
Kind Regards, Karin Meersman

I thought I missed the boat on this but I saw that long loading screen on an older video I watched recently.

Also, I don’t want to start a thing here, but I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone aside from white supremeracists say they were “Proud to be an American”.

I have to work out what I’ll write, but I’m definitely going to send something. Thanks for the inspiration and heads-up that it wasn’t too late.

Best joke I’ve heard in a while.

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If I’ve learned anything on the net is that there are many kinds of Americans. I’m Belgian by the way and from where I am standing there is a lot to be proud of. I hope the American people can overcome the horror that is happening now.

I agree, media has always sensationalized the bad stuff because it gets attention. I still love seeing stories of good things, as rare as they are. Today I got online to a story about the Mexican Red Cross sending aid to Texas, I want to see more of that and a lot less about people murdering their own kids.

On topic, I absolutely love how things like Net Neutrality and the fight against SOPA bring the online community together like nothing else in the world. We love to pick fights over the most innocuous topics (remember Greedo shot first?) but I haven’t seen anyone state an opinion against Net Neutrality whatever background they come from, country they live in, etc. It is incredibly inspiring to me, and I’m a die-hard cynic.

A late reply but here it is. I notice that words like ‘freedom’, ‘honor’, ‘authority’ and ‘patriotism’ are being stolen by extremists to the degree that people start to think there’s something wrong with being a patriot or that all honorable people go to church on Sunday. We should not ban the use of those words because they are associated with smallmindedness. We can reuse them in other contexts. The word ‘authority’ may be associated with Nelson Mandela instead of Trump. Just an example. And really, the gift of the internet to the world is big, beautiful and a shining example of the optimist, confident generosity that is at the heart of American culture. Be proud.