¡¡Last details of this PROJECT!

Hi! thanks God im finishing this project but the last details but i need to set good the buttons, more upper.

This is the codepen version: https://codepen.io/pabloeoliveros/pen/QWEJYpR
Can someone give me a hand on this part?

THX in advancee!!

You currently have a line-height: 300px; on .laimagen preventing the buttons from moving up with a margin. Try removing or adjusting this.

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Recently i’ve made changes not only on .laimagen, also in .barrabusqueda , i think that the problem should be in line-height but it doesn’t work :confused:


Do you have a picture of what you’d like the final product to look like?

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can you see the distance between the buttons and the search bar? It’s practically short and super easy to click as soon as you place something to search, well: that’s how I want it to look.

How about removing the margin-bottom: 10em; on .inserta?