Last ditch effort: is it possible to undo a full join across three tables in SQL?

My gut and a cursory Internet search on SQL JOIN deletes say, “no,” but I’m a measly 1% away from finishing the Mario SQL Database tutorial on fCC’s Relational Databases Curriculum, have misidentified my junction table, and have incorrectly joined three tables as a result. I am most likely just embarrassing myself by posting this here and have resigned myself to the prospect of redoing this entire tutorial, but I write this post on the off-chance that it IS possible lol. You can be honest with me… just end my misery. :sob:

My creation:

The actual code (‘character_actions’ being the junction table, not ‘actions’):

SELECT * FROM character_actions FULL JOIN characters ON character_actions.character_id = characters.character_id FULL JOIN actions ON character_actions.action_id = actions.action_id;

Unless I’m misunderstanding your question, you don’t have anything to worry about.

SELECT with JOINs doesn’t actually change the data in table. Depending on the arguments it just… well… selects the appropriate data.

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your username is so fitting right now. thank you! bless, I’ll look into it again after a bit of a break lol. I hammered away at this tutorial for too long.

EDIT: I put in the solution (which had the correct junction table in the right place) and finally completed the tutorial. @sanity is absolutely correct. I’m feeling super relieved and grateful that my work wasn’t for naught… and I learned something too. Many thanks!

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