Last one failed every time , I need help!

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
var regex = /^[aeiou]/i;
var regex2 = /^[^aeiou]+/i;
  return str.replace(/^(a|e|i|o|u)(\w+)/ig, "$1$2way")
else if(regex2.test(str)){
return str.replace(/^([^aeiou]+)(\w+)/ig,"$2$1ay")

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Challenge: Pig Latin

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You seem to have accidentally deleted your description of what is happening. Can you please add it?

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please can u check this exercise in your console(copy and paste my code) bcz I’ve no idea why it’s not working .

Well, what do the failing tests say?

Ok… how are you handling the logic for words that do not contain vowels?

please chech my screenshot

Please use your words and describe which part of your code specifically is designed to handle words without vowels and tell us how that part of your code works.

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