Layering problem with the navbar


link to the project :
css :

I’m facing a weird bug on my project with, i think, layering/overlaying between my navbar and project “card”. When my navbar is above a project and you hover with the mouse the bug starts. It’s blinking, one going under the other and vice versa.

Any idea to solve this ?

Hey @JohnPA,
You haven’t provided any code for us to look, if you can provide your code that would be of great help.
However, have you tried z-index for your navbar.
Try giving z-index of 1 to your nav class.

See if that helps.

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Added a link to the css, thanks.

I tried z-index, the navbar appears above the project but when you want to hover it the problems remains.

Setting z-index to 1 solves the problem for me.
What issue do you face after setting z-index to 1?

Ok problem solved, thank you very much !

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Glad that i could help.