Laying flex items on top of image

Hi, I was watching website and found that they are getting very high resolution image in slideshow in a very narrow space further i found that image is actually very big but they have layout in a manner that only main part of image comes in header and rest bottom part of image is beneath flex items.could anyone help how they are achieving this?

There are developer tools built right into the browser that allow you to look underneath the hood and see how things are done. Have you tried doing that yet?

actually i did .from there i got the piece of information i share but i dont have enough experience to come to a conclusion that whats going on there.

OK, so you should be able to give us specific details about what you don’t understand. The only thing you have given us so far is a vague description of what you are seeing. At the least we need to know exactly what you are referring to on the page.

if i was able to code that then i wont ask, so i described the scene i saw.