#Layout 1. The navbar should always be at the top of the viewport

I had the nav-links under the stock foto then i moved them up top and it still did not work.

here is my code

    <a class=nav link href="#Stickers">Stickers</a>  took out - to post

    <a class=nav  link href="#Hats">Hats</a>  took out - to post

@rayfinkle Can you share the rest of your code via Code Pen?

what your suggesting sounds great, how do i share code via codepen?

does that work?

my flex container looks terrible but it is the first time using it and i am not sure how to make it all align correctly on the numbers in the middle and the containers are not correct either.

@rayfinkle, this is what’s causing the test to fail;
<div class"nav-bar">

Missing one little thing on that line.

Running your HTML code through the W3C validator would help you find this issue along with other issues with your code that you should know about and address.

    this is what i have

@rayfinkle It looks like you figured it out and are passing 16 out of 16 tests now, congrats!

Thank you for your input and help I really appreciate it. I had it then it didn’t look right so I messed around and then lost it again and then fixed finally fixed it and have now passed this part.

Thank you for your input and help I really appreciate it.

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Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. I managed to work through that a few days ago. thanks again

@BaldHeadPowers Please create your own thread. Thanks!

Sorry about that, I will create a new thread.