Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 40

**Something wrong with step 40 **
I’am wondering what’s wrong with my code and I can’t turn back the default code to this step so I can’t compare my code . after following the hint it leads me back to this hint below even though I link them correctly.

**Hint after checking my code **
You should give the textarea element an id attribute matching the for attribute of the label element.

Here is my code

<div class="question-block">
     <label for="questionTwo">css related question</label>
     <textarea id="questionTwo" name="questionTwo"  placeholder="sample"></textarea>
<div class="answer"></div>

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Challenge: Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 40

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The Reset button doesn’t work? I would recommend you reset the step to get the original code back as you have made changes that weren’t asked for. Do not move any elements. Just add the necessary attributes.

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Can you back out and go to step 39, then continue from there? This code you have posted looks nothing like my step 40 so I’m not sure where you are in this

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the reset button works! . I was so scared clicking it because my past experience to this was I reset the whole progress literally going back to step 1. Thank you!

this worked also, thank you!
I was hesitating to click the reset button because I really thought that it would reset the whole progress.

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