Learn accessibility by Building a Quiz Step 51

section {
  width: 80%em;
  margin: auto auto 10px auto;
  max-width: 600px;

Hello, I am trying to figure out why I got an error when using this as my code. I was under the impression that when using “em” it pulls the base value from the parent element. Would I still be correct in this instance? The correct code says it’s just 80% not 80%em. It is also telling me that my code of shorthand property of margin: auto auto 10px auto: is incorrect. Am I also correct in this instance?


Set the width of the section elements to 80% of their parent container. Then, use margins to center the section elements, adding 10px to the bottom margin.

Also, ensure the section elements cannot be larger than 600px in width.

Please post your complete code using the Help that appears after three unsuccessful attempts on a step.


I suggest removing the em behind the 80%.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response, but this doesn’t really answer my questions.

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Sorry! I know the em is not asked for in this step. It states to set the elements to 80% of the parent container.
Maybe try setting the margins to
margin: 0, auto, 10, auto and removing the em may work.

I think you need to read a little more of how em works. You wouldnt use % with em

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