Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 68

This challenge was unnecessarily difficult I believe. Big jumps went from informative lesssons to many various elements not taught yet. Even knowing what to search for outside of here proved to be a task, not knowing what to search for. I really hope subsequent challenges are better explained what is happening for new elements, etc. As from the frustration I dont feel as if i learned much in this lesson, just really frustrating. inb4 ‘its part of coding’, as learning this stuff should be more informative than this, if teaching coding is what this site is about.


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I agree, I enjoyed how they would re-word information so that you had to think about it to properly implement it however, I did not enjoy no explanation on new information. I felt like I was doing a lot of coding but not understanding why I was doing certain things and it definitely did not stick lol.

I have to agree! A bulk of new code requirements without previous lessons on it. I did appreciate that despite the lack of instruction on the code that the warning boxes did provide adequate information to be able to input the appropriate code. By the end of it though I just wanted to get it over with unlike the other lessons where I wanted to know what executing the code would do.


just wait til you hit the technical page as a test project… omg I pulled my hair out lol! I have like 2 strands left :stuck_out_tongue:

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