Learn Algorithm Design by Building a Shortest Path Algorithm - Step 15

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my_graph = {
    'A': ['3', '1'],

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    'B': ['A', 'C'],
    'C': ['B', 'D'],
    'D': ['A', 'C']

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Learn Algorithm Design by Building a Shortest Path Algorithm - Step 15

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how it is work i dont understand

my_graph = {
‘A’: [‘3’, ‘1’],
it is uncorrect

You were given this original piece:

my_graph = {
    'A': ['B', 'D'],

Don’t remove value ‘B’ or ‘D’, just make them a tuple (.., ...) , using those values and the other values in the table given.

Edge 	Weight
A-B 	3
B-C 	4
C-D 	7
D-A 	1

show me one example, I can’t do it

Do you remember what a tuple is from previous Steps?

You need to turn those 2 strings 'B' and 'D' into 2 tuples.

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