Learn Asynchronous Programming by Building an fCC Forum Leaderboard - Step 19

Hey, this is probably a stupid error, but I’ve reset the Q a few times, been scratching my head, not seen anyone else post about it online.

The question is:

Step 19
To display the topic title, add a p element inside the first td element.
Between the paragraph tags, add an embedded expression that contains the title variable. Then add a class called post-title inside the opening paragraph tag.

For whatever reason, it is rejecting this, although I feel like it’s exactly what it is asking:

      <p class="post-title">

Giving the error msg:

Sorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.
You should have a class named post-title inside the opening p tag.

Have I not done this? The opening and closing string literals are outside the code snapshot, but should all be fine seeing as they were auto-populated when advancing to this step. Is there a glaring error here I’m just oblivious to?

The tests want this all on one line. You will probably run into this quite often with the tests. You can open up a github issue to ask for it to be fixed. But in general, to avoid this in the future, I would try to put an element on one line whenever possible to make the tests happy.

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Thanks for this!

Literally never encountered this before, I assumed whitespace was ignored. I am fairly confident I have been splitting this way so far, really strange .

Stranger still, it doesn’t seem to mind here? Just for p tags, is this some html ettiquette I’m unaware of?

I’m surprised you haven’t run into it before. A lot of these tests are unnecessarily very picky about white space and new lines. They are fixing them as they are reported though, so maybe you just happened to get to those step after they were fixed?


Most likely, I reckon. I will report as a bug.

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