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I cannot start course
When I press Run CodeAlly it starts for one second Checking permissions and stops.
Nothing. I have GitHub Profile and I got Welcome message from CodeAlly. Someone knows what the problem might be? and yes, I enabled All cookies as suggested, still nothing

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Challenge: Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate - Build a Boilerplate

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Seems to be a server issue… lots of people are posting about it.

Same, if I revoke permission in GitHub it gets past that initial stage but then it says it can’t clone my repository. Or, If I go in to Codeally directly (with permissions) it gives me the same message.

:frowning: ( it’s still the same

I revoked access in Github too. Now codeally seems to be running, but I cannot connect via freecodecamp anymore… If I go via codeally.io Dashboard, I can get inside.
Any ideas how to re-establish github/codeally connection?

I just had to firgure this out too. I did it by logging out of codeally then logging back in vie FCC, I think. I was trying all sorts of things at the time and I can’t remember if that was how.