Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate

Hello Team, … I need some tips/advise on -

Use find with the -name flag to search for index.html .

I typed and ran the command in the terminal -
codeally@4b845d5aaff4:~/project/freeCodeCamp/website$ find -name index.html

However, I am not passing the test.

Had to kill the terminal and re-start. Editor created a dir <reset_files> that contains the dir . In essence, two directories. I tried to remove/delete the system created folder <reset_files> but no success. file listing is as below:

codeally@4b845d5aaff4:~/project/freeCodeCamp$ ls
node_modules package.json package-lock.json reset_files reset.sh setup.sh test website

Not sure what to do next, as CodeRoad won’t let me proceed and I cannot delete <reset_files>

Thanks in advance!

please show a screenshot

Also, if it helps …

contents of the dir reset_files


Have you tried to click the reset button in the middle of your screen?

Yes, I did that multiple times. It would bring me back to the query. I even looked at the Hint which has the exact same command as the one I typed.

Update: I think now it worked. I was logged out due to inactivity and while restarting, the path did not have the <reset_files> dir. I tried the command after checking the dir contents and executed it. It worked (below) . Thanks much for your help!

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