Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate

I currently have an issue with this task:
Websites usually have an index.html file. You can use touch <filename> to create a new file. Create index.html in the website folder.

It is not progressing and I currently have the file created. Please advice

That’s already been done and the file is in the location as well

Screenshot 2023-08-15 171553

What problem do you have?
Enter the command ( touch index.html ), click Run and do not advance to the next point ( touch styles.css )?

Thats what i did but it just didn’t work, manages to fix it now tho but ran into another issue, the website folder deleted itself when I tried creating the images folder using mkdir images

It seems complicated to understand and have a picture of the problem.
Maybe a detailed screenshot will clarify.

Hope this image makes sense, the Website folder on the left (red marked) has disappeared with everything I already created. As seen in the underlined blue area, I was meant to be creating the image folder

Looking at the screenshot, we see that you are not on the right path to complete this point:

You are asked at this point (530):

This new folder (image) needs to be created because in point 550 you will have to copy here a file.

Sorry but you are missing the point here, I had a folder called website but it has disappeared that is why it is not appearing in that location which is why I am unable to create the images folder.
The issue has fixed itself now.

So can you move forward with the project to the next step?

Yeah able to progress now, all the files returned which is weird