Learn Bash by Building Five Programs, code not working, error freeCodeCamp's side?

I’m having a problem with this task:

Change the echo command of the response to print this sentence instead: Hello <name> from <location>. I learned that your favorite coding website is <website>!.

I’ve exhausted the hints. I’ve come back to it today and CodeAlly reloaded so it seems to have given me some template for how to answer this. Still, I changed the code in /questionnaire.sh and it still says ‘Your script should “echo” the suggested text correctly’.

The code I have in /questionnaire.sh looks like this:


echo -e "\n~~ Questionnaire ~~\n"

QUESTION1="What's your name?"
QUESTION2="Where are you from?"
QUESTION3="What's your favorite coding website?"

read NAME



echo Hello $NAME from $LOCATION. I learned that your favorite website is $WEBSITE!

Power of posting. Resetting manually meant it recognised what was up. Hope this can help anyone else stuck here.