Learn Bash scripting by Building Five programs : BINGO


# Bingo Number Generator

echo -e "\n~~ Bingo Number Generator ~~\n"

echo $NUMBER

Instructions ask to run the program in the terminal and the hints are as follows:

  1. Type ./bingo.sh in the terminal and press enter
  2. Make sure you are in the project folder first

Except when I do this I still get :

> You should run your script by executing it

I have refreshed and restarted the terminal. Not sure where I am going wrong.
To execute in the terminal I typed ./bingo.sh which returns :
~~ Bingo Number Generator ~~


I had a similar issue. My solution was:

exit the current terminal (type ‘exit’ and )
start a new terminal from the menu (click hamburger menu → Terminal → New Terminal)
then run the sh command

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Worked, thanks so much !

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