Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs

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Having trouble saving progress in the course. Completed 50% of the course on my iPad. Stopped for the night. Restarted course on my desktop. I was able to find the GitPod dashboard and find the VM I had been using. My files are there but if I use CodeRoad start…I’m back at the beginning. How do I get the progress in the course to be maintained? If I have to save something before I quit, that’s fine just tell me how. I have reviewed many other posts on this issue and there are no resolutions that seem to work. I need step by step instructions like those in one of the courses…in fact, maybe a “how to use the environment course” might be a good idea :wink: If I can’t save and recover progress it makes freeCodeCsmp much less useful. I can’t always complete a course in one shot. Other than this I love freeCodeCamp and am finding the content incredibly valuable.
Thank you for your help!

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Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs

As a follow on, it seems that the course has restarted but the test that it is trying to run is from much later in the lesson. But there’s no way to move through the tasks to get them back in sync. Hopefully this image makes it clearer:

I should have said that the task is the first task in the course - type echo hello bash yet the test is saying I need to add the specified comment…but it’s not displaying that task to me. I’m afraid I’m just going to have to reset the course or start over in another workspace…any thoughts anyone?

Sorry for the troubles @93fd3s. The instructions for the course are here. I’m curious what would happen if you completed the task that the test is testing for. e.g. “Your script should have the suggested comment added correctly.” I’m not sure what step you are on, but if you search that page for “add comment”, you will get five results. The step you are on is likely one of those five. You could try completing the step that the test is looking for and maybe it would get back on track?

@moT01 OK…well I started over in a different workspace and completed the entire course/module. So the immediate issue is resolved.
However, reading your reply, I think I need to get deep into understanding the connection between freeCodeCamp and GitHub…or just understand GitHub better. Unfortunately, I took a ten year detour into Project Management (away from hands on tech) and while I was on that journey, everyone started using Git Hub so I have some knowledge gap there. I will try later this evening to restart the original workspace I was using and resume progress as you’ve suggested.
Thank you for your help!

Some people on this thread suggest that it’s a cookie that saves your progress: CodeRoad - Build a Kitty Ipsum Translator - so it sounds like if you change browsers, or clear cookies, it wouldn’t take you to the correct step.

Did you do either of those things? Maybe something to keep in mind in future courses. I will see if I can find a fix.

I will check out the thread. I did change browsers because I changed devices…on a whim I decided to try and see if I could use a course on my iPad in Chrome. it’s really cool that I can BUT the lack of an up arrow key on the soft keyboard really hurts making changes and re-running commands so I decided to switch to my Windows desktop to finish the course. I’m about to start part 1 of the student database so I’ll do a little testing there and see what happens before I get too far into the course.

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@moT01 So…I took the first part of building the student database and got so engrossed in the learning that I forgot to test if I could stop and resume my progress - I guess that speaks to the quality of the course material! I will try again with part two of the student DB but it could be a couple days before I get to it…a lot of competing events in my life at the moment. Thanks for your help!

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@moT01 Sorry for the long delay - I’m actually trying to finish the last two projects (periodic table and number guessing game) now and have learned a lot more about saving and recovering my work.

FYI those projects are giving me LOTS of trouble, I still can’t get two of the tests to pass in the periodic table project even though the output is spot on to the specification. More on that here: Periodic Table Database - Build a Periodic Table Database