Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs, #countdown program

although I copy the exact text in the hint, still the test wont pass

Type in the terminal " add git . ", as it warns you.

It is irrelevant to git, it is not written any where in the tutorial that I should use git commands that was just something I tried, and previous steps worked fine without git

Indeed, you are right. Nowhere in this project does it refer to git.
But how did it end up in your terminal asking you to add git?

it is there because I used, thought it could not save the file and using add command would fix the problem

Maybe it would be good to resume this project from the beginning, to respect in every point what is asked of you.
When you get stuck at a point, just ask for help on the forum, without improvising.

Ok but how do you suggest I do restarting it from the beginning?

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