Learn Basic Algorithmic Thinking by Building a Number Sorter - Step 35

On each iteration of your while loop, it is finding an element that is larger than your current value. You need to move that element to the right to make room for your current value.

Do so by assigning the value at the j index to the next index:-

const insertionSort = (array) => {
for (let i = 1; i < array.length; i++) {
const currValue = array[i];
let j = i - 1;

while (j >= 0 && array[j] > currValue) {
  array[j] = j + 1;



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Learn Basic Algorithmic Thinking by Building a Number Sorter - Step 35

Hi there, your so close!!, to move the element to the right you want add + 1 to the array first, so Mod edit: removed Well done

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Please dont give code to pass the challenge

Cody_Biggs, Thanks your help, I’m a little confused here, do you mean I should increase the array length +1 or how to add +1 to the array?

Cody_Biggs, I got it and solved, thks a lot

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Sorry, I am also stuck at this step. can anyone explain more?

Yeah, I’ve just lost 1h bashing my head around it until I finally noticed the wording, just think about it:
" Do so by assigning the value at the j index to the next index."
If I am adding j to something, how would I write it in code? :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand what the solution is. Could you elaborate more?

Let’s quickly recap what an array is.

you’ve got “someName[j]” where “someName” is the name of the array and “j” is the index.
Now how do arrays work? They start at number 0 and go up to the maximum value, which you usually define within your “for” statement.
So if you had someName[3] it would go like someName[0], someName[1], someName[2]…you get the point now?

So how do you assign something to something else?
if I had a=0, b=1, c=2 and pretended that abc are indexes, how would I assign b to c?

Notice that writing for example a=0 means I am assigning 0 to a. That’s the nearest tip I can give you without revealing the exact code solution…

I’m stuck in this step and I still don’t understand… uff!

I have the same question , what is the answer?
none of the following have worked :
array[j] = array[j] + 1;
array[j] = array[j + 1];
j = array[j] + 1;
j = array[j + 1];
j = j + 1;

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