Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 1

the code is exactly like it suppose to be but it detects it as incorrect

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html  lang="en" >

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Challenge: Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 1

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Did you put the closing HTML tag at the end of the code?


Yes, I tried that as well

Restart the step and follow the instruction:
“Note: Some browser extensions, such as ad-blockers and dark mode extensions can interfere with the tests. If you face issues, we recommend disabling extensions that modify the content or layout of pages, while taking the course.”

Try below methods

  1. VS Code, just copy and paste code from FCC and see if it works

  2. https://codepen.io/ , try it here as well and if it doesn’t share the link

ad blockers are off. all modes are off. i have rewritten it a few times over. it did the same with the previous project’s last step. i tried 100 times over until it worked i wrote the same code over and over until it passed using exactly the same code .

Restart your machine, if it doesn’t work reinstall OS ( just kidding )

That’s why software development is hard and there is lots of demand for good engineers throughout the world.

Keep trying, just take a nice break and revisit the problem to see it has solved magically

Please post the new code in full here.

In addition to the other solutions, it’s possible that the extra space after “en” can cause an error.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang"en"</html>

tried that as well. it is not working

Please post your new code.

I’ve edited your code for readability. When you enter a code block into a forum post, please precede it with a separate line of three backticks and follow it with a separate line of three backticks to make it easier to read.

You can also use the “preformatted text” tool in the editor (</>) to add backticks around text.

See this post to find the backtick on your keyboard.
Note: Backticks (`) are not single quotes (').


You html opening tag is missing a closing bracket and your attribute and value is missing the equals sign it needs to validate.

The html opening tag you first posted was correct but had extra unseeded spaces between characters. You need to use it with the closing tag you wrote here.

Can you post your code so far?
All you need is to give <html lang=en> a closing html tag

Do make sure that there are no additional space anywhere (there was an extra space in between the html and lang in the original code).

Do post an update of your code here so there’s more assistance for you.

You got this, don’t give up.

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