Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 1

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I don’t understand what i’m doing wrong with <html lang=“en”>

didn’t expect to be getting stuck so early lmao

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

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Challenge: Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 1

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You need a closing html tag. Most elements require both an opening and closing tag, and you have the opening html tag correct <html> but now you want to close it at the bottom. To close an element tag you will do the same thing with one addition </element>
it will look like that, but element is not what you are going to use. Element will be whatever element you are trying to close

how’s that supposed to look? as <html> lang=“en” </html> doesnt work either? I also thought this element was self closing? There was no issue with it being self closing while learning HTML so i don’t get why it’s a problem in step 1 of this.

I suggest you follow the instructions for you to pass the tests. The step only requires you to add a <h1> any other code won’t pass.

the challenge automatically gives you a closing html tag at the bottom. You can reset the lesson to get it back, or make sure its at the bottom of your code.

You can still share the latest code by using the format button </> and pasting in all your code between the lines

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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

With the code you posted, I dont see a closing html tag.

yeah, i know but i was told on the FCC html youtube course it was a self closing element so i’m really confused and I’ve tried many other ways! I’m very confused and i can’t find an answer anywhere to even learn :frowning:

like i said before, i’ve even tried <html> lang=“en” </html> which doesnt even make any sense

They may have misspoke, or perhaps were not clear with what they were saying. In this article I can link you will see the html has a closing tag. Here is a quote from the article

" The <html> element is the root element and it defines the whole HTML document.

It has a start tag <html> and an end tag </html>."

Here is also another article that shows it needs a closing tag.

This isnt going to work because you are still missing something. the lang needs to be inside your opening html tag

even in the cat photo app course on step 67 it allows <html lang=“en”>
and on the second article it’s showing it to format it this way :confused:

The second article shows it this way

<html lang="en">

but what you posted on the last response was

“i’ve even tried <html> lang=“en” </html>

That is not the same as whats in the articles. Your closing is correct, but the lang in your post is not correct. The article also has a closing tag, but what needs to be looked at is where the lang is positioned in the article compared to your last post

But if you look at my original post, i’ve formatted it the first way, the way the second article has.

Can you share all your current code again?

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

Again I still do not see a closing html tag. if you were to add the </html> does it give you an error? Can you post the code after you added the closing tag

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oh I understand what you’ve been saying now! that worked. thank you so much for your patience, that was so frustrating haha.

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Haha no worries, unfortunately this is what programming is. Luckily, the more you do the more it will make more sense.