Learn-basic-css-by-building-a-cafe-menu - Step 40

That worked, but there is still a little space on the right of the price.

You could keep trying various percentages for the widths. Instead, use the back space key on your keyboard to move the p element with the class price next to the p element with the class flavor so that they are on the same line in the editor. Make sure there is no space between them.

How to solve this step?

Welcome to the FFC forum. In your html together the flavor and price elements by giving back space to them.

I had some problems with this one too. It’s literally just using the backspace key until they are on the same line next to each other without any space between them.

Hi There. Newbie. Request to guide on which page (where to place the cursor event ) ‘backspace’ have to applied ? 1)index.html 2) styles.css 3) preview page ??
clueless as on the

preview page the mouse click event is not working & so could not do any event of backspace
index.html & styles.css are editors…the code is getting deleted if used ‘back space’
Kindly mention where the cursor event is to be placed & click backspace button