Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 52

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Hi Olgun! Welcome to this forum!

I was wondering if you had a question or comment to share?

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Thank you, I attended the training to reinforce what I know. However, we may miss the answers of some sections, so when we check the answers, I see that no one has shared a solution. I think I’m about to undertake this task too :smiley:


I understand your concern and thanks for trying to be helpful. However posting solutions in the forum is not considered helpful for the process of learning to code.
(There are many reasons for this but mainly your brain will not develop the neural pathways it needs to develop if you do not train it to struggle with the code and with the process of debugging and this will ultimately lead to failure as a software developer)

I will remove the answer above for this reason. I hope this meets with your understanding.
All the best.

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