Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu Step 89/Step 90

I can’t get past step 89 in the Basic CSS freecodecamp course. My internet research showed that actually I am busy with step 90, not sure why it shows up as step 89 for me:

Step 89

The image you added is not centered horizontally like the Coffee heading above it. img elements are “like” inline elements.

To make the image behave like heading elements (which are block-level), create an img type selector and use the value block for the display property and use the applicable margin-left and margin-right values to center it horizontally.

This is my code:
img {display:block;margin-left:block;margin-right:block;}

…and the error message I get:


Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.


You should use an img selector.

Does anyone know how I can get past this? Refreshing didn’t help. Is my code wrong?

Please provide a link to the challenge you are working on. Thanks

Reset and try again. In my experience this hint is given if you accidentally delete some of the required code in the editor.

Thanks! Resetting worked!

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