Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu

I just completed this module and now it wants me to go back to the beginning. I don’t know what’s up with this system but it is not very comforting thinking that all the work we do will not be saved.

Also, I would be happy to give a donation to this site but only after I know my work will be saved so that I get credit for the work that has been completed.

In what way have you determined this?

Your progress is saved if you are signed in.

No donation is required for your progress to be saved.


Why is it that I completed all 91 pages (modules) for this course and it says I completed 26-91 but not 1-25?

I’m not sure. Where you signed in when you did 1-25?

In what way have I determined this? When I go to the courses it doesn’t show I completed this module - and I did.

If it doesn’t show you completed the steps, then you likely were not signed in when you did them.

Okie dokie. Thanks for replying. I’m new here so just getting the feel of it.

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