Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 123

Help me to get out of this situation . i had tried alot but not getting out of this situation
Following this pattern, use the addition operator (+ ) to add a random number between 1 and the value of xp to your monsterHealth variable change.

function attack() {
  text.innerText = "The " + monsters[fighting].name + " attacks.";
  text.innerText += " You attack it with your " + weapons[currentWeapon].name + ".";
  health -= monsters[fighting].level;
  monsterHealth += weapons[currentWeapon].power + Math.floor(Math.random() * xp) + 1;

this error is coming again and again You should add to the weapons[currentWeapon].power value.

Please post a link to the Step. Thanks

Here’s the link

hi, is -=

monsterHealth -=

where i can add this explain lilltle bit in which logic . where i got stuck.Thanks

instead of:

monsterHealth += weapons[currentWeapon].power + Math.floor(Math.random() * xp) + 1;

u have to use


this is because the exercise ask u to add to what u already have the Math.floor function, but not change anything from before

Thank you . i got it.

no problem, nice to help ^^

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oh okay, thanks for helping, i will be more careful

That would be a great bug.

Every time you hit the monster it gets stronger and stronger. I’m sure I wouldn’t rage quit that game at all.