Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 144

Tell us what’s happening: The instructions say I should getMonsterAttackValue and it should take level as a parameter. It doesn’t like the brackets around “fighting” and it doesn’t like the dot notations for level. Says my code does not pass

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function getMonsterAttackValue (monsters[fighting].level) {


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Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 144

you can’t do that in a function argument, that’s why it doesn’t like it, it’s a syntax error

If I just add “level” as the parameter, it doesn’t like that either. What am I missing here?

function getMonsterAttackValue (level) {


remove the space before the (, let’s try that

no luck… still says the same error.

function getMonsterAttackValue (level){


you have not deleted the space before (

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This worked… It didn’t like the space between “getMonsterAttackValue” and “(”

function getMonsterAttackValue(level){


there is usually a space between ) and {, you can keep that one

got it. Thank you so much ilenia!!!

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Okay, Thank you for the feedback. This is my first actual post here asking for help. Thank you!