Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 154

Tell us what’s happening: The prompt is a little unclear and the error message isn’t helping in terms of what I’m doing wrong. Need to decrement currentWeapon.

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function attack() {
  text.innerText = "The " + monsters[fighting].name + " attacks.";
  text.innerText += " You attack it with your " + weapons[currentWeapon].name + ".";
  health -= getMonsterAttackValue(monsters[fighting].level);
  if (isMonsterHit()) {
    monsterHealth -= weapons[currentWeapon].power + Math.floor(Math.random() * xp) + 1;
    text.innerText += " It's a hit!";
  } else {
    text.innerText += " You miss.";
  healthText.innerText = health;
  monsterHealthText.innerText = monsterHealth;
  if (health <= 0) {
  } else if (monsterHealth <= 0) {
    if (fighting === 2) {
    } else {
  if (Math.random() <= .1) {
    text.innerText += " Your " + inventory.pop() + " breaks.";


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Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 154

Here’s a hint:

You just need to apply the same logic

Apply the same logic to a different value? I am assuming the power of the weapon needs to decrease as it is used to fight the monster; I don’t think there is another value in currentWeapon that could be decremented.

What syntax did you use to reduce the power of weapons[currentWeapon]?
Apply that syntax to reducing currentWeapon

Currently using


It doesn’t seem to matter which if block I put it in, the code still does not pass.

Do the instructions mention weapons or just currentWeapon?

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I believe you must decrement current weapon not power. After our weapon breaks you must decrement to previous weapon

Actually it should be
answer redacted
This works …after the updated text in your last if statement

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Understood. Thank you.