Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 93

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I am stuck at this step 93:
You should add the string In your inventory you have: to the end of text.innerText . Mind the spaces!

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if (gold >= 30) {
gold -= 30;
goldText.innerText = gold;
let newWeapon = weapons[currentWeapon].name;
text.innerText = "You now have a " + newWeapon + “.”;
text.innerText += “In your inventory you have:”;


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Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 93

Welcome to the community!

It appears the “quotations” around the closing stop where the newWeapon is, and around the added In your inventory you have: are the problem.
If you view the " quotation" before You I think you will notice the difference in the quotations. I just tried your code with the basic quotation marks, and the spaces around the new added text, exactly where you have it. It passed for me.

I hope this helps you!

Happy coding!

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Thank you for that - I spent ages on this and looked up so many different suggestions but only this one worked. Thanks a lot!

But can I ask: why do we use individual quotations (') instead of double quotations (") in this case? Is it because the += operator demands it?

You are very welcome @francescoguerrieri !

Happy to be able to help you resolve the problem.

I only changed the type of double quotation marks to whatever my
 font style is @francescoguerrieri.

But, it appears changing to the single quotation mark is what worked for you to pass.

I found it is the style of the quotation marks. For some reason the system does not like some styles of font, or quotation marks.

Here are the two different quotation marks from the above code.

[quote="April, post:1, topic:660674"]


[quote="April, post:1, topic:660674"]

Notice how the one before You is almost straight down.
While the one around the dot . is more slanted.
It almost appears if the second one is similar to the back ticks with the second part inverted.

I do not think this is the case; but that is my comparison of the appearance.

Just one more thing to make us aware of our coding sensitivities.

Wishing you much more good progress.

you can use either for strings, they are both valid

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