Learn Basic Javascript by Building a Role Playng Game Step 121

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Did you have a question? I removed your solution from the other post as we dont allow solutions to be posted on the forum. We want those still working on the challenge to be able to write the code themselves

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I’ve realized that I made a mistake by posting a full solution on the forum. Although I’ve provided hints in other comments, this was the first time I posted a complete answer. Seeing that other users were doing it, I thought it wouldn’t be an issue.

Thank you for pointing this out. I see that the comment has already been deleted. In the future, I’ll make sure to provide hints and suggestions instead of full solutions.

Thank you for understanding.

No worries, if you see others posting solutions you can click the flag icon that is at the bottom of each post and flag the post so us moderators can remove it

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Thank you for telling me! I’m new to all of this forum stuff, so it really helps that you made this comment. Thank you so much!

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