Learn Basic JavaScripy by Builidng a Role Playing Game - Step 46

someone please explain where my mistake is? I wrote my solution this way but it wont work…function goStore() { button1.innerText = "Buy 10 health (10 gold)"; button2.innerText = "Buy weapon (30 gold)"; button3.innerText = "Go to town square"; button1.onclick = buyHealth; button2.onclick = buyWeapon; button3.onclick = goTown; text.innerText = "You have entered the store"; }.

The console says: " You should update the


property of


to be

You enter the store.


I just realised the problem is that i wrote “You have entered the store”, instead od “You enter the store.”

Hi there. I’m glad you managed to realize your coding mistake.

But in the future can you please use the “Ask for help” button that automatically links the challenge to your forum and has an awesome easy to read template.

Happy learning. :slight_smile:

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