Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 23

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The instructions seem Vague.

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this.items.forEach((dessert) => {
totalCountPerProduct[id] = dessert.id


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Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 23

“Using the id of the current dessert as your property…”

This means that you should use the id property of the current dessert object that the callback is working on for the property name you want to update in totalCountPerProduct. In your code above, you are using id by itself, which won’t work because you haven’t defined a variable named id. The id is a property name on the current dessert object.

“…update the value of the property to be the current value plus one. Do not use the addition assignment operator for this.”

This means they want you to increase the value of the property by 1 “the old-fashioned” way. If I gave you the following:

let total = 5;

And asked you to increase the value of total by 1 on a separate line only using exactly one = and one + operator, how would you do that? That’s what you want to do in this callback.

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The dessert id part is going directily into the brackets = the same again + 1 || 0 . This is tricky because you have to assign the current value to totalCountPerProduct which is the same value Inside parenthese.