Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 48

Tell us what’s happening: It keeps saying “You should use document.getElementById() and pass in song-${userData?.currentSong?.id} .”

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const song = document.getElementById(song-${userData?.currentSong?.id});
const songToHighlight = song-${userData?.currentSong?.id};

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Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 48

document.getElementById expects a text string (enclosed by ``, ’ ’ , or " "). Since we are also using a variable directly inside the text string (with the ${variable here}), we need to use a string literal using the backticks (`).

var song = document.getElementById(`song-${userData?.currentSong?.id}`);
const songToHighlight = `song-${userData?.currentSong?.id}`;

This is my current code, it keep saying the same thing

My code contains the backstick

@megacartenterprises Did you figure it out? The code you shared does not contain backticks.
The first line should be: var song=document.getElementById(song-${userData?.currentSong?.id});

second line should be similar.

I just realized that the forum removes the backticks in code and that you should put sample code in triple backticks and end with triple backticks.


Or you can escape the backtick with \`.
so you get the output in the forum:
var song = document.getElementById(`song-${userData?.currentSong?.id}` );

But it actually looks like:
var song = document.getElementById(\`song-${userData?.currentSong?.id}\`);

Now to your question:
Your problem isn’t with the backticks. Have you used every instruction given to you in this step? The point of this step is to query the music player to find out which song is currently playing (the id of said song) and then to highlight it. So how do we query the page?

It should be one line of code.

This part of your code is correct


and this part

const songToHighlight =

Now combine the two into one line of code.

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See this post to find the backtick on your keyboard.
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