Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 56

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I’ve never been this stuck before. Am I missing something simple? I’ve tried this several ways, and nothing has worked.

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  currentTitle ? playingSong.textContent = true? 'currentTitle' : '';
  currentArtist ? songArtist.textContent = false? 'currentArtist' : ''

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Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 56

Hi. You’re almost there. The assignment usually happens at the beginning of the line, the ternary operator has to come after the equal sign. Hope this helps!


It looks a little odd if you haven’t seen it before. But I believe you have already written it like this in one of the previous steps.

ele.textContent = condition ? "Assigned to textContent if condition is true" : "Assigned to textContent if condition is false"

As an aside, I think the “implicitly return” part of the challenge text is also a little confusing seeing as you can’t add an explicit return inside the expressions. Well, not unless they are functions which would look pretty weird.

const condition = true;
const result = condition
  ? (() => {
      return "if condition is true";
  : (() => {
      return "if condition is false";

console.log(result); // if condition is true

I finally got it. Thank you both for the help! I needed the assignment at the beginning and the way I originally had it at the end. The more I tried changing it, the more I messed it up.

assignment = condition ? trueAction : falseAction;