Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver - Step 39

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hey this is kinda confusing because idk what am i doing wrong here, could someone guide me through what mistakes am i making?

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class Board:
    def __init__(self, board):
        self.board = board

    def __str__(self):
        upper_lines = f'\n╔═══{"╤═══"*2}{"╦═══"}{"╤═══"*2}{"╦═══"}{"╤═══"*2}╗\n'
        middle_lines = f'╟───{"┼───"*2}{"╫───"}{"┼───"*2}{"╫───"}{"┼───"*2}╢\n'
        lower_lines = f'╚═══{"╧═══"*2}{"╩═══"}{"╧═══"*2}{"╩═══"}{"╧═══"*2}╝\n'
        board_string = upper_lines
        for index, line in enumerate(self.board):
            row_list = []
            for square_no, part in enumerate([line[:3], line[3:6], line[6:]], start=1):
                row_square = '|'.join(str(item) for item in part)
                if square_no != 3:

            row = f'║ {" ".join(row_list)} ║\n'
            row_empty = row.replace('0', ' ')
            board_string += row_empty

            if index < 8:
                if index % 3 == 2:
                    board_string += f'╠═══{"╪═══"*2}{"╬═══"}{"╪═══"*2}{"╬═══"}{"╪═══"*2}╣\n'
                    board_string += middle_lines
                board_string += lower_lines

        return board_string

    def find_empty_cell(self):
        for row, contents in enumerate(self.board):
                col = contents.index(0)
                return row, col
            except ValueError:
        return None

    def valid_in_row(self, row, num):
        return num not in self.board[row]

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    def valid_in_col(self, col, num): 

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Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver - Step 39

Hi @lee12mandy

You need to remove the space after the colon in the last line.

Happy coding

thank you so much it worked!

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