Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver - Step 8

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I’ve copied the suggested code and indented accordingly to avoid mistakes, still the code doesn’t pass. What am I missing here?

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class Board:
    def __init__(self, board):
        self.board = board

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    def __str__(self):
        upper_lines = f'\n╔═══{"╤═══"*2}{"╦═══"}{"╤═══"*2}{"╦═══"}{"╤═══"*2}╗\n'
        middle_lines = f'╟───{"┼───"*2}{"╫───"}{"┼───"*2}{"╫───"}{"┼───"*2}╢\n'
        lower_lines = f'╚═══{"╧═══"*2}{"╩═══"}{"╧═══"*2}{"╩═══"}{"╧═══"*2}╝\n'

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Learn Classes and Objects by Building a Sudoku Solver - Step 8

I’m really not sure what’s going on here either. Do you have any extensions that could be affecting the challenge? Because by all accounts your code should more than likely be working.

Agree the code is correct, it passes the test for me.

Maybe try resetting or reloading the page and pasting it back in, try a different browser, disable browser extensions for the site, etc

It finally passed the test. Thanks guys!