Learn CSS colors by building a set of colored markers help

I just started a new part of the course learn CSS colors by building a set of colored markers this is the instructions and code below:

Step 1

As you’ve seen in the previous projects, webpages should start with a DOCTYPE html declaration, followed by an html element.

Add a DOCTYPE html declaration at the top of the document, and an html element after that. Give the html element a lang attribute with en as its value.

This is my code

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<html lang="en">

What does the hint tell you?

Hello everybody, I am new to this platform, can you please tell me, the progress is saved only from the computer that was started first right? Since I couldn’t get my progress in one device, i had to study 2 courses from 2 computers

This is what the hints tell me from my perspective it doesnt really help much


Your html element should have a closing tag

add html closing tag like this at the end of all the code i checked this line of code isnt supposed to need on ebut that what got me through

can you type that again theres some typos and im not understanding what you mean clearly sorry

You need a closing tag for your html element at the bottom. Closing tags look like this </>. Except that the element that you are trying to close needs to come after that slash.


Im still confused because i keep getting the code wrong here is my code

<!DOCTYPE html> 
<html lang="en"</>

I put the closing tag in alot of diffirent positions with code in and out of it and the part where you said the element you are trying to close needs to come after the slash this is how i took it and applied it to my code but im confused by that because what part of the code would be after the slash in the closing tag i tried it in diffirent way but it was wrong everytime ? And the doctype declaration i used here the first time is the exact same as the one i used for html building a cafe menu and probably the cat website but i guess its diffirent because its css but i have no idea how

i know this alot to read but i hope you can help me :}

What element are you trying to close? You need a closing html tag. So what would the element be?

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your closing tag should look like this: not a short form

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Thank you I finally passed !

I was not using proper html element opening and closing tag and my closing tag was in a complete diffirent place than where it should be the doctype declaration is diffirent than the one in html and styles css