Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - not complete?

First of all, I want to say how much I like freeCodeCamp and how grateful I am to go through this course.

I’ve been studying CSS Grid now, and I have noticed that at step 1, it shows me a preview of what I will be doing and it has a big image of the freeCodeCamp logo as well: Screenshot by Lightshot .

However, whilst working on the last step, I realised that I haven’t had any tasks to style that image in CSS so that it would show up once the project is completed: Screenshot by Lightshot.

Not sure about that, but I feel that the project might not be completed due to the freeCodeCamp logo not styled, and hence not appearing in the finished project.

that image is added on step 4, and all the steps from 5 to 80 have it

That’s strange, as when I took the screenshots, the image wasn’t popping up, and even now when double checking it, at first it didn’t appear at all on some steps, but appeared on others, and when I checked all the steps again, the image was there.
Anyway, sorry to trouble - I think there might be some browser bug on my end!

It may have been added recently, so you could have had in the cache the old version

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