Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 23

I have entered the specified src into the img and it renders appropriately in preview, but when I click ‘check your code’ I am told that I should have an src set to the exact code that I have written. I copy/pasted the exact text. Like I said, it renders correctly but I’m not given a pass on the code. Have I missed something, or is this a site error?

This is the instruction:
Within your .image-wrapper element, give the second img element a src of https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/images/calc.png , an alt of image of a calculator project , a loading attribute set to lazy , a class set to image-2 , a width attribute set to 400 , and a height attribute set to 400 .

This is my code:

<aside class="image-wrapper">
            alt="image of the quote machine project"
          <img />
          <blockquote class="image-quote"></blockquote>
            alt="image of a calculator project" 

This is the result of the code test:


Sorry, your code does not pass. Try again.


Your second img element should have a src set to https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/images/calc.png.
Your browser information:

User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Challenge: Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 23

Link to the challenge:

You have three image elements in your “aside”, two at the start and one after the “blockquote”. Which one is your second?

Oh goodness. I see it now. I actually have it placed within my 3rd image element. Feeling a bit foolish right now. Thanks for pointing that out.


Hey, no problem. I’m doing that lesson too at the moment and sometimes things like this happens.

I wish I could delete this post now. Don’t want anyone wasting their time reading it. Good luck to you.

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